Technology Planning for School Administrators

General Topic: Technology Planning: A Toolkit for Administrators and School Board Members

Website: Technology Planning

Scope: A general overview of the technology planning process.

Cost for Access: None

Comments: Abstract: This section is for busy administrators and school board members who want to play a more active role in planning technology integration. Overseeing and facilitating the development of a technology plan is a primary responsibility for administrators and school board members. The successful development of the technology plan should follow a simple six-step planning process: (1) Organize & Empower a District Technology Planning Team and Governance Structure, (2) Prepare the Planning Teams for the Study, (3) Assess Current State of Technology in District, (4) Develop Guiding Documents for Technology, (5) Develop the Long-Range Technology Plan, and (6) Implement and Institutionalize the Technology Plan. Tips, traps, and tactics are tools in a technology planning toolkit when working with teachers, students, parents, business, and community members.