Professional Development Resources

As you click on the links below, you will go to sub-pages that provide you more information about the web site.  You can just click on the web site link on the sub-page and go directly to the author's page and explore.  I've attempted to give you some idea of the general content. If you have other suggestions, please send me an email with the URL and I will be glad to consider adding the site. 

Ten Myths of Reading Instruction

Research-based information about reading instruction

Vicki Blackwell's Internet Guide for Educators

An essential collection of links and resources for teachers. Great web sites are…

Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers

This site covers every aspect of second language instruction. Lesson plans are o…

Teacher Talks Forum

Over 80,000 registered users are waiting to chat about education.


Webquests matter in education and these sites provide many of the tools you need…

Scholastic Write-It!

This site will take students through each step of the writing process and vary f…


Wide variety of topics are addressed with white papers and current research, inc…

Google Scholar

Enter a topic and Google will do a search through scholarly sources. This will s…

National Teacher Enhancement Network

Teachers can study small chunks of science content online.

The Jason Foundation

Teachers can study science content online.